Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Years Eve, New York Fashion

Its New Years Eve day, and lots of parcels arrived today, which I am very happy about. Especially, my New York purchases
NEW YORK IN FASHION by Sonnet Stanfill, which is a book I ordered off Amazon for about £3!(£30 rrp) Bloody Bargain...
I thought it could inspire me with this New York/American High street project.

There are interviews with Zac Posen and other New York born designers, as well as Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Gwen Stefani, who have built up their own cult 'celebrity' image to manufacture and sell clothes. 'These names are all unified by their consideration of New York City as central to their creative identity.'

The book also explores the cities importance as a twenty - first century fashion capital and traces New York's rise to an internationally recognised fashion capital.

I've had a quick glance through it and it seems like a good buy, there are over 100 illustrations/images and lots of written text to get reading up on!

The first picture above, is a picture I took In NYC, think it was somewhere along Broadway, near Times Square (August 09), it has a huge billboard of Sean Comb's fashion line, Sean John.
The second image is taken from and it is a photograph taken from his fall 09 collection.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Who Shot Rock & Roll?

Who Shot Rock & Roll : A Photographic History
I have to see this exhibition when I go, it's a must see!
Especially as some of David Lachepelle's work is up which I have never seen in person before. I think it will be even more special as New York is the home of Lachepelle and his studio and business.
The exhibition is at the Brooklyn Museum, which I also have not been before, so will be interesting to check out...
Below is a video of some pictures of the exhibition that I found.

Above is a photograph of Mick Jagger in Philadelphia, 1982 (printed 1990s). Michael Putland (British, born 1947). In silver print. 'Collection of Michael Putland'

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Holiday Windows

Absolutely devastated that the Christmas Window Display's won't be up when I go on the 6th January!
Hello Spring/Summer? When I'll be freezing my arse off I can't imagine I will be buying anything soon?

Plan of Action - Trip to NYC

  • Insurance Pollicy (yawn)
  • Medical Questionaire (yawn)
  • Ringing up NTU to sort out room problem (grrr)
Have not been put with my two loves : Caia and Natasha to share a room with in 'The Wolcott Hotel' - absolute disaster.