Sunday, 7 March 2010

SUNDAY- Meat Packing District & Lower East Side

After coffee and muffins at our hotel and a little extra stop at 'dunkin donuts', we 'hitched a cab' to the delightfully pleasant Meat Packing District. It seemed to be a really modern, suburban area. It was unusually really quiet as we strolled the streets, but that was because the shops didn't open till' 12pm (Sunday Times). We started looking at all the really high end designer shops like Moshino and Chanel. I especially remember Moshino, as it had the most adorable door with this huge red heart on it and even though it wasn't open we had a peak inside and it looked gorgeously feminine!

The pictures above were taken in this all american diner we went to, which I sadly don't remember the name (was on a corner opposite the road where Mochino etc were on), We got milkshakes and spoke to the waitress who worked there for a good hour. She was such a typical New Yorker - a stuggeling actress who worked at the diner just to pay her bills & rent. Sounded like a hard life, but yet I'd trade any day to live in the CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS.
We then walked to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie to do a little reasearch on the american retail stores. The window displays and visual merchandise in Anthropologie were amazing!

Then we got the subway too Lower East Side. Spent most of the time walking around looking for anything that caught our eye. I was particularly interested in finding 'Moby's' Vegan Cafe, as I simply adore the guy. However, on the way there we were able to go round little back streets and find little nuances and individual small cute & kitch! x

Above ^ above was 'Moby's' cafe, which we found out when we reached it had been burnt very sad! Although, Moby apparently lived above it, which was very cool in my stalkerish it was worth the two hour walk!

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